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I had always had problems with my skin notably my face; for over 20 years I had spent money on cosmetics that were ‘designed’ for sensitive or problem skin however they never seemed to work. A representative from Mama-Sia approached me  whilst I did some grocery shopping we started talking about my skin , she began to tell me about Shea Butter  and its benefits- I ordered a jar of  Mama- Sia’s  Shea butter and black Soap. I never got the chance to try the products first time round as my daughter beat me to it! She also had problems with her  skin shocked and amazed we both noticed the difference straight away- I love the texture of the products and I’m delighted that you only need a little at a time which is good for me, being a mother of four the whole house hold is now using my beloved products! 

Jenny -London


I had just given Birth to healthy baby girl she was beautiful everything I could have wished for- the only thing was her skin was dry; the doctor prescribed me a cream containing steroids which slightly scared her skin. A friend recommended Mama-Sia’s Coco butter and black soap.
I began to use the products too, and noticed the skin around my eyes (dark circles around my eyes) had improved my skin had a beautiful glow, and my baby’s skin has never been better.

Mowit- Surrey

I have always used natural products, but there was so many to choose from and it was hard to tell what was genuine and what had other added ingredients in it. – However when I used Mama –Sia’s Black soap I was hooked! I couldn’t believe with all my knowledge with natural products there was something that I hadn’t been exposed to and that had so many benefits. A Mama-Sia representative took her time to demonstrate how to use the soap and explain its origins and how it was processed in African tradition.

Mary- Hertfordshire

I would  always dread shaving so I opted for a bearded look however when I got  a new job I wanted a new look- I really wanted to shave but dreaded the after effects- red sore skin and razor bumps. But since being introduced to the Mama-Sia range I have lovely soft skin that doesn’t only  look good but has made me feel good inside too.

Eric- Gloucestershire