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Shea Wonder

Our luxurious Shea butter is Hand-picked from the Karite ...


Shea Jewel

Our Grapefruit and Shea Butter has joined forces to provide ...


Shea Amethyst

Our lavender and Shea butter is one of nature’s national ...


Tea Tree Releif

Our Tea Tree and Shea Butter is a great way to provide ...


Shea Hair Food

Is your hair starved, has your hair line gone awol? Our ...


MamaSia Hair Oil (60ml)

Say bye to dead, split or frizzy ends and hello to moisture ...


Black Soap

Marvel at how this little block of brown marble will leave ...


Baobab Oil

A rich luxurious oil for very dry skin and hair, our Boabab ...


Moringa Oil

Super food for the skin and hair! For combination skin, ...


Moringa Powder

Packed with over 80+ nutrients our Moringa powder can wake ...


Baobab Powder

This sherbet textured powder will give you a zing in the ...


Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Feeling slugglish? Well look no further get you energy fix ...


Shea Zest

Our Shea and Lemongrass Butter will give you a wonderful ...


Shea Spice

This Ginger, Orange and Shea butter’s warming combination ...


Liquid Black Soap with Baobab

Our black soap Shower gel contains ingredients made from ...