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Olive oil has probably found its way into everyone’s household by now. Its versatility is undeniable, as it is not only a staple in many kitchens, it can also be used equally for its beauty and wellbeing uses. In Italy olive oil is used to cook up delicious cuisines as well as for beauty purposes. Italians are known to apply the oil on their skin when the weather is slightly colder, to protect it from dry damage the cold weather can cause.

Olive Oil Skin Rejuvenator

Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Total time: 20 Minutes


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1. Lips: apply warm oil on the lips lightly.
2. Hands: apply warm oil on hands and cover overnight
3. Hair: Massage on unwashed hair (root & tips) for up to 30mins before washing, after the massage wash hair thoroughly and proceed to condition or moisturise with MamaSia Hair food and style as desired
4. Body: When mixed with sea salt the combined ingredients is an excellent skin exfoliator.
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