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Shea Butter

Its entire contents is made up of pure vitamins and minerals making it a super food for your skin and hair. Mama-Sia’s Shea Butter has light texture that can easily be absorbed by the skin to give it that hydrating luxurious feeling. It contains Vitamin E and A containing no chemicals – just superiority from under the sun!


Black Soap

Our Black Soap gives your skin a wakeup call instantly. Made from our very own farmed plantain, (husk- ash), Shea Butter tree bark, Cocoa butter oil Palm kennel oil and Coco Butter, resulting in the black soaps unique brown to white orientation and unique scent which ensures the moisturising and therapeutic benefits.



Moringa is considered one of nature’s most nutritional plants on the planet; with over 80 nutrients and 40 antioxidants this natural source of substance illustrates its master healing qualities in its self, so it’s no surprise that Moringa and Shea butter share the same moniker “The tree of Life”.

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