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How Eid is Celebrated in Larabanga, Ghana

In Larabanga, Ghana, where our family lands are based, the community is Muslim and so last month they celebrated EID. We asked our Social Media Assistant, Alaji to give you a first hand account of how EID is celebrated in Larabanga.


What is Eid?
Eid is an annual traditional ceremony celebrated by Muslim families across the globe to mark the end of Ramadan month. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset.

What does Eid mean to you?
Eid means a lot to me as a Muslim. It’s a big celebration and a big day for me and my religion. 

Are there different roles for men and women?
No! Besides the women who take up the cooking role for the families, there are no specified roles for both genders. 

How do you know what day is Eid?
It is calculated by the lunar calendar. Depending on when the new moon is sighted, it always falls on the day after the 29th and 30th day of the Ramadan month. 
What time do you go for prayers?
At 9:00 am

How does everyone gather together? 
Everyone goes to the venue at prayer time to participate in special prayers together.

Do you decorate your homes or the mosque? 
No, we don’t decorate our homes here. The prayer is offered on open ground, so no decorations are made. 

What role do you play on Eid? 
I go with my brothers to say our seasonal greetings and best wishes to our extended family and neighbours. 

What is your family’s responsibility in the village? 
They send food and seasonal greetings to other families and clans.

After you go to the mosque to pray what do you do? 
Time out with my friends at parties and other local celebrations. 

Are there any special dishes cooked?
Yes, every family cooks their best dish including fufu with a light soup, tou zafi with vegetable soup, Rice Balls with groundnut and herbaceous flower soup


Is there any gift giving?
Yes, families send food to other families as seasonal gifts. 

How do you end the day?
Parties continue after prayers until the night after which everyone goes to sleep. 



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