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Top Tips For Alleviating Stress

Stress can affect your body, your thoughts, feelings, and your behavior and stress that’s is not dealt with accordingly can lead to many health problems. Therefore it is important to be able to recognise when you are feeling stressed and and find ways to combat it so it doesn’t affect your health further down the line. 


Our CEO Maame is a certified Wellness and Breath Coach, here are her 3 top tips to help alleviate stress:


1. Meditation – This is something we practice daily at MamaSia because quietening the mind helps to control your thoughts which often triggers stress. In a meditative state when the overwhelming thoughts come to your mind by learning to just softly push those thoughts away and bring your focus back to your breathing you can slowly start to release a lot of the pressure, anxiety and tension that your thoughts can bring you. This is by no means a quick fix this has to be practice daily and slowly you will start to alleviate your stresses


2. Exercise – If meditation is not for you then another great form of stress relief is exercise. Exercise in any form whether it be walking, running, cycling, yoga, boxing, swimming, tennis whatever you enjoy, exercise has the ability to increase your endorphins levels which are the feel-good hormones created by the brain and your nervous system. Exercise can help you to focus your attention on the activity and not the overwhelming thoughts, and can be view as a form of  meditation in itself.


3. Breathing – We all use our lungs to breath consciously and sub-consciously, however as people have become accustomed to breathing quickly it’s almost become natural for many to do so. We should all learn to breathe at much slower rate, because taking control of the breath helps us to stay calm and it can increase our productivity. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Energy Levels Increase
  • Helping your digestion
  • Helping with Insomnia
  • Combating Anxiety
  • Helping our nervous system
  • Hormonal balance
  • plus more…

Make sure you keep an eye out on future communications where Maame will be hosting a series breath courses to help you with your wellbeing and health.



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