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Interview with Sister Ayatu in Larabanga

Women in rural Ghana work totally different to women in the western world. They do various things from farming, sewing as well looking after their young children. As you may know by now they are also the ones responsible for foraging shea nuts and hand producing our Shea Butter.
Let’s take a closer a look.


Meet Sister Ayatu, one of our cherished family members who is a mother of five and a valued member of our team.


What is your name and what does it mean?
My name is Ayat and it means the “the proof of a miracle”


Please describe how you spend your day

I wake up before dawn, I clean the whole compound where we live and then I wash any pots and utensils that I was unable to wash from the night before, I then start cooking breakfast for the family. As a mother of five, with three infant children, I have to be extra organised and ensure there is enough food to get them all started for the day. Once the children are fed and the house and compound are clean, I get myself ready for the farm.


What kind of things do you farm?

I mainly farm cassava and corn. After the harvest season in July, I will sell them onto other women who will then go to Tamale and sell them in the Market.


What about Shea Butter?

Shea butter comes from the seed(nut) inside the shea fruit which grow on the Karite trees. We don’t grow Karite trees they grow wild and we are fortunate enough to have it in abundance. So we collect the fruits and eat them after that we process the shea nuts into shea butter.


What does Shea Butter do and mean to you and your family?

Shea Butter is very important to me and my family, besides using it for cooking and taking care of our skin and hair problems, we are also able to earn an income from selling it too.


What do you do in your free time?

I tend visit other family members and friends and generally find time to rest and relax


Thank you to Sister Ayatu, and all the other women in our valued team. They work so hard and are the purpose behind our brand. The work they do for us is also repaid back to them through 5% of our sales, which goes toward building and sustaining the community.

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