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Shea x Chocolate and its Benefits

February is indeed the month of love and we are here to give you plenty of doses with our suggestions, tips and knowledge.


Shea Butter is our core product and we consider ourselves as Shea experts because we live and grow with this beautiful fruit. The Shea “Karite” tree can take up to 50 years before the fruits mature. Once the fruits have been eaten the seeds are not thrown away, they are sundried and crushed and then processed into Shea Butter or Chocolate! Yes, that’s right our beloved shea is actually used in part of the chocolate manufacturing process. So during this feel good month let’s take a closer look at why chocolate is so loved by us and why has it has the power to increase that loving feeling.


Chocolate, does have a seedy past and became popular in 18th century Europe. It was one of the biggest commodities of its time and unfortunately many lost their lives from being forced to work plantations to grow cocoa beans. If we look even further in time, the Aztec and Mayans believed the cocoa beans had mystical properties and was used during sacred rituals. It was only when the Spanish arrived that they decided to sweeten this bitter drink with honey and sugar and then it became a European commodity.


Looking at how chocolate plays a part in our modern society is also an interesting one. It is often used for celebrations and is seen as a sweet treat for children and adults, but we need to make sure we have it in moderation. The downside is that it can lead to overindulgence, whether it be soothing emotional issues or feeding sugar cravings, chocolate can lead to detrimental effects on the body.


However, at MamaSia we always keep things light and positive! So let’s look at the good things that chocolate can do for you 😊


  1. Chocolate is known for it’s antioxidant properties, cocoa beans have been known to contain flavonoids which is mostly found in dark chocolate
  2. The flavanol – rich properties in dark chocolate can boost and improve the brain’s cognitive functions
  3. Dark chocolate helps keep the skin hydrated and improves the skins density.
  4. As Cocoa contains antioxidants and flavanols it also prevents bad cholesterol and reduce plaque in the arteries
  5. Dark chocolate, is rich in minerals such as zinc and potassium
  6. Cocoa is relatively rich in theobromine and caffeine, which are known to stimulate your energy level (however not as high as coffee in comparison)
  7. Dark Chocolate is also beneficial for expectant mothers, when you add the magnesium and zinc and other minerals in the mix this is an ideal treat for pregnant women.
  8. We all want a happy heart and flavonoids found in chocolate help to do just that, they help the arteries and veins stay supple and provide a healthier environment internally.
  9. Dark chocolate, can improve blood flow and may lower blood pressure
  10. Chocolate has scientifically been proven to cheer you up and this is because of the cocoa polyphenols found in the beans. So go ahead and indulge and make you and your loved one happy!
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