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5 simple steps for A Cleansing facial At Home

Our Co-founder Maame is a qualified Beauty Therapist, she loves facials and is a big advocate of facials that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home, they are relaxing and very easy perform.

It is a great way to open the pores of the skin, which help  achieve deep cleansing of your face.
A great beauty  ritual to adopt, to restore radiance to your complexion and purify your skin, by getting rid of  impurities that are  responsible for  your skin imperfections.
An at home facial will beautify your skin while providing you with a pleasant moment of relaxation.

Facials , gives off moist heat that purifies your skin and cleanses it deeply.

  • The heat helps to open the pores on the skin’s surface .

Once the pores are dilated, your skin:

– makes the most of the active ingredients contained in essential oils and hydrosols,

This prepares the skin for effective exfoliation,

– This also allows the dead skin to be removed and open the pores up for any nutrients ( provided by a serum  such as Moringa oil , Baobab oil to absorbed ).

This routine  is particularly recommended for dry and dull skin, problematic  skin ( acne-prone).

However, it is not recommended for fragile, reactive and blotchy skin (heat and water vapour may worsen the  redness and dilation of small vessels)

Even if  you have a few beauty  devices to perform this beauty treatment, it is just as easy to do it at home with a simple bowl and a towel, that’s how resourceful this is!

What you need to make a homemade facial Steam:

Here is a  list of what you need to have on hand for your steam bath:

  • a kettle or saucepan to get hot water

Prepare your homemade facial sauna

  • A bowl
  • A towel
  • Essential oils of your choice, Lavender, lemongrass or Bergamot
  •  Shea wonder body butter
  • A timer
  • an exfoliating product, such as black soap
  • A soft towel
  • Your face serum, Moringa, Baobab , Desert Date or Hibiscus oil


Here are 5  simple steps to follow to achieve your Mini Deep Cleansing Facial:

  • 1- Thoroughly cleanse your face:

To get the most benefit from this treatment, your face must be cleansed, so if you don’t wear make up any of our facial serums such as Baobab or Moringa clean your face for example or for a deeper cleanse if you do wear make up or have had a lot of build-up from the day, then our Black soap works just as well and will leave you feeling refreshed.

  • 2- Prepare your water for your steam:

Pour hot water into a bowl (or deep plate) to which you can add:

-> 2 to 3 tablespoons of lavender, Bergamot ,  Camomile  floral waters  o that is suitable for you particular type

Or if essential oils are to sensitive for your face, use floral water such as rose water or lavender water which are perfectly suited for very sensitive skin, or for those who are allergic or do not wish to use essential oils in such a way.

-> and/or 3 drops of an essential oil suitable for your skin type:

Skin type: Types of  essential oils
Normal to combination skin Geranium, Ylang-ylang, rose oil
Dry skin   Frankincense, Lavender, Carrrot Seed oil
Mature skin rosemary, Lemon, lavender , Jojoba
Oily skin Frankincense, Geranium, Neroli
Problem skin Milk thistle, Cucumber seed, Tea tree

Please note: Be careful not to use dermo caustic essential oils as they may irritate the skin.

  • 3- Its  steaming Time!:

Its always a good idea to protect the sensitive areas of the eyes and lips by protecting with  a dab of Shea wonder butter.

Lean over the bowl (about ten centimetres from the surface of the water), cover your head with a towel or a bed sheet

Close your eyes, relax and breath deeply for 10-15mins and don’t forget to set your timer!


  • 4- Exfoliate that face !

Pat your face dry with a towel (avoiding the eye area) on your skin while it is still wet, gently use your Black soap to mildly exfoliate the face paying attention to problem areas in particular, which may cause a tingling feeling, however there is no need to be alarmed as this is a normal reaction if you have never used Black Soap ( for some) the natural soap is just getting rid of a pollutants or dead skin cells that need to be removed. This feeling will pass after a couple times of using the soap and once you moisturise with your superfood face serums you will feel balanced out too.

It is important to be gently with your skin, gently massage your face in a circular motion to remove dead cells and impurities.

Rinse your scrub with lukewarm water and gently dry your face.

  • 5- Apply your Superfood Serum!

Look at you, your face is now thoroughly cleansed, your pores are open:
your skin is therefore ready to receive the benefits of a beloved superfood!

Finish by applying a few drops of your Baobab, Moringa, Hibiscus or Desert Date oils 

A few precautions to know before you start!

facials are not recommended for children, people with asthma, people suffering from skin irritations.

Remember to remove glasses, jewellery, and contact lenses, when steaming your face.

Remember If discomfort occurs, stop immediately.

One last and final tip:

Perform this facial in the evening, and prepare yourself a good cup of Moringa, Hibiscus or Baobab to drink afterwards.

facials tend to make your skin release toxins and sweat. Therefore, you need to be well hydrated afterwards, so drink lots of water and superfood teas.




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