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moringa oil for hair

Summer Hair, don’t care!

Summertime, is most certainly welcomed, however how many times has the humidity in the air affected your hair and left you feeling like it needed more moisture?

Well fear not, we have something that you and your hair will appreciate anytime of the year, as a pre-poo, hot oil treatment or as a leave- in conditioner.
Ideal for Dry and Damaged hair.

Moringa Hair Oil Recipe

This recipe will make a month’s supply, if used 2 times per week


  • 50ml x Olive Oil, Avocado Oil or Hemp Oil
  • 25ml x Moringa oil

Combined the ingredients in an amber jar, and leave in a cool dark place for a minimum of 24 hrs.
After the mixture soaks strain with a cheese cloth and discard the moringa residue into the recycling bin.
Apply to scalp and hair strands and leave on for a minimum of 1 hour, if you are going to use this mixture as a pre-poo treatment.

Repeat the same process above, for a hot oil treatment, however this time use a warm towel to cover the head or sit under the hair dryer for 30mins before shampooing.

Apply this mixture to the hair as a leave in conditioner once a week, to maintain the desired results, repeat these steps frequently to encourage healthy long hair.

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