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Mental Health Awareness Week

We pride ourselves for not only being a part of the natural beauty community, but also equally a part of the Wellbeing industries too. For those of you that have followed our journey over the years, you would know that we always Share what we have been taught about keeping a good mind-set and how we incorporate self-care rituals in our everyday lives, to keep the mind and spirit balanced with nature.

As we reflect on what Mental Health awareness is, we wanted to give you some tips that we use at MamaSia in our Journey to Wellness workshops – normally shared with college students and corporate thought leaders, who can use our techniques to uplift and inform themselves on how self-love and care is indeed the greatest love of all.

When we are fully invested into something whether that is running a business, a household, your career, studying or just life in general we tend to forget ourselves along the way. We want to make sure we tick that to do list or finish up one last job before we enable our bodies and minds to take a break. When that voice inside of us asks us to stop and we keep going, it can cause a build-up of pressure which not only causes frustration and in some cases anxiety, by the time we know it this way living becomes a part of life and is seen as normal behaviour.

In Ghana and other parts of Africa self-care takes on various forms this includes things like cooking, sewing and believe it or not singing. Having grown up in the UK we have acquired a perfect blend of Eastern and Western self –care rituals that has become a mainstay for all of us at MamaSia.

Here are some of the Eastern vs Western Practices:

Water Therapy

Eastern: Waterfall therapy: In Africa it is not unusual to have a shower underneath a waterfall and is a great way to indulge in a hydrotherapy treatment. Not only does this boost your mood as well helping your mental strength  it has been scientifically been proven to help protect your immune system too.

Our Co- Founder Maame at the Boti Falls

Western:  Soaking in Salt baths:  It’s not unusual to feel the need for a nice long warm soak in the bath. Theremamasia co-founder waterfall are various advantages from indulging in a soak, these including:

Heart Health: The warm water relaxes the heart muscle which helps with blood circulation, especially beneficial for your loving heart.

Bones and Muscles: The warm water and natural magnesium content, helps to relax muscles and bones when in the warm water, if you really want to help the bones and muscle relax add some, Himalayan, Epsom or sea salts to your bath.


Eastern: In Larabanga smudging is used to help balance out a woman’s hormones around her monthly cycle. We typically use frankincense resins which is then burned on some charcoal in a clay pot. The women then hover over the pot which allows the smoke from the frankincense to engulf the body creating a calm and soothing disposition for the mind, body and spirit. An eastern gem

Western: Even though various forms of smudging are practiced in the East, including this method we thought we would incorporate it here, smudging has recently become a popular trend in the west. Sage and Frankincense smudging has been used for years and has seen an increase in usage in more recent times. Some of the benefits of smudging your space include irradiating pollutants in the air, calming the mind due to the aromatherapy benefits, as well as helping to uplift energy levels


Eastern: In Africa farming is work but it is also viewed as something to do in the outdoors if one is experiencing stress too. Reflecting on one of her childhood experience’s our Co-founder Maame remembers “ it was not unusual to find the whole community engaging in a farming task, one of my favourites was making yam mounds, it was very labour intensive, however because we were so focused on getting the perfect moulds for the yams it was quite common to get lost in it all and forget that there were other issues going on around us, such as not having enough water during the dry season or not  knowing if we would get rain water that year. Farming was a way to reconnect with earth and leave the mind to wonder in nature for that specific moment in time”

Western: Not everyone one has a farm, however why not spend some more time in the garden, community gardens or go on nature walks and forage for food, this practice is a great way to learn more about your local environment as well as the opportunity to learn about the foods that naturally grow around you too.


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