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Earth Day 2021

Last month we all observed National Earth day on 22nd April, so what did this mean for us at MamaSia? Realistically, we celebrate Earth Day every day, and we are sure you do too, that’s why you’re a part of our tribe. For those that are new the natural beauty and wellbeing world, were happy to share some things to get you started on natural journey, don’t forget that’s what Share Inspire Assist (SIA) is all about remember!

At MamaSia we pride ourselves on being a sustainable company, our family practice sustainability as part of their lifestyle, for some that comes as no surprise. As we explore the harvest season in more depth, you will see just how that unfolds, but for now let’s remind ourselves of some things that we can do and keep doing for a safer and healthy world.

Walk or Cycle more and Drive less: Yes we know that you have got used to being great at mastering the wheel, yet from an environmental point of view you would be helping to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the environment by going on foot or jumping on a bike where possible and not to mention how fit it will keep you too.

Education: Educating yourself and others on how making decisions based on what is good for the planet can help you feel that you’re doing your part, but also help those around be aware of what to do for a better environment too.

Shop Wisely: Understanding your products is key. Quality reduces waste. Sustainable brands focus on quality, using materials, finishes and ingredients that are made to last as well as being kind to the environment. At MamaSia, you know we are source you can trust, because not only do we practice sustainability for us it’s a way of life.

When it comes to food, buy fruit and veg that’s in season. Try to cut down of food waste buy buying what you need don’t get sucked into these deals. In Ghana not only would we use something like Shea Butter to make our moisturisers and ointments, we also use it in our cooking, so nothing goes to waste, everything is re-purposed or recycled, just as nature intended.

Volunteer: Set up community clean ups, get your family and friends to go around and be seen actively cleaning up so that everyone and the environment can benefit too.

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