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Everything You Need to know About Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a flower also known as roselle or red sorrel that can be found in many parts of the world such as Jamaica, USA, Egypt and Africa. Mostly used for tea as a berry-like or cranberry drink with a sharp taste and known for various health benefits. Hibiscus Powder is made from the dried, ground sepals of the hibiscus plant that grows after hibiscus flowers bloom.


1. What does it look like?

Hibiscus is dark deep purple/ red in colour or a burgundy colour.


2. How to use it ?


Mostly drunk as tea either hot or cold.

  • If drunk cold: add some ice and fresh mint or ginger extra for added flavour.
  • If drunk hot: add honey to it for extra sweetness.
  • It can also be used as an oil for skin & hair.


Hibiscus is rich in mucilage, a sticky, viscous fluid found in some flowers making it a great moisturiser.

  • For face masks : we recommend using it with aloe vera or honey for a lightweight mask.


Containing amino acids, in other words protein helps fortify strands by bonding to the hair and adding strength. Hibiscus leaves hair follicles with an excellent environment to grow.

  • Top tip: Mix hibiscus powder with some olive oil or shea oil and massage into the hair to get its full benefits.



3. What are the benefits?

  • Vitamin A: Hibiscus powder provides you with 6%of the vitamin A that you need on a daily basis in each 100g serving.


  • Vitamin C: A 100g serving of hibiscus powder provides around 31% of the vitamin C that you need each day. Something much needed in these winter months for a functioning immune system and for collagen production.


  • Packed with antioxidants or anthocyanocides helps keep harmful radicals away and therefore stops premature skin ageing.


  • Helps lower cholesterol & lower blood reassure


  • Moisturising and good for collagen because of its miculage content, this helps skin stay hydrated and less dull




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