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10 Self Care Rituals To Boost Year 2021

This New Year start the year with a ritual and 10 simple steps to point you in the right direction. Here is a breakdown of our tips.


1. Declutter

Create chaotic free zones around your house, don’t be a hoarder. If it hasn’t been used in some years, it’s time to throw it away. Creating a minimalistic look and clutter free areas immediately relaxes the mind.


2. Add some Indoor Plants

Make it more visual and fragrant in your home. You can use anything that makes you smile, even better use indoor plants as they absorb radiation. We want you to have plenty of oxygen and clean air if you’re still WFH. Choose from snake plants, split lead plants and spider plants.


3. Use a SAD lamp if lacking Vitamin D

  We need regular light to keep our circadian rhythm and you definitely don’t want to catch the winter blues. Sadly, we don’t always get the light we need so why not invest in a SAD or energy light to keep you smiling.


4. Have a relaxing bath or cold shower if you’re brave enough

Relaxing baths will do wonders for your mental wellbeing as it allows us to switch off and has many powers. Read more here.

Save some water by taking a cold shower as this is good for your blood circulation. A very quick one, not ice cold also helps with removal of toxins and wakes you up.


5. Give your eyes a break

We are often sitting in front of our screens everyday, not just computers but phones and ipads which all emit blue light. We recommend starring outside your window every 20/30 minutes to give your eyes a break. At night, place some chamomile tea bags on the eyes by soaking in warm water and relax for 15 minutes.



6. Take it Outside

Being outside and in nature whenever possible is key to your wellbeing. Despite the cold, take that walk long or short to get some air. The cold air does wonders for your brain function.



7. Pamper yourself

Yes, we said it spoil yourself or take that time to practice some beauty regimes. A manicure, facial massage whatever makes you happy and bring that focus back to you. Presence is the key. Our Super Food oils are great for home masks and hair care pamper days.



8. Plan a weekend away

Escape, and check-out to check-in with yourself. It’s very easy to get burnt out and feel overwhelmed or anxious from uncertainty. If you can, safely take a short trip to the countryside [within your tier] The UK has plenty to offer.



9. Listen to a podcast

Either for education purposes or just a bit of you time we recommend the following:


  • The Calmer You


  • Feel better, live more


  • The Power Hour




 10. Join a club or take up a hobby

Learning a new skill is always a plus for the brain and of course social life. You should never stop learning. A growth mindset is the best mindset, the brain is a muscle so flex it! You may discover a hidden talent and make lifelong friends along the way.


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