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Behind The Brand : Meet Our Co-Founder Maame Opoku


1: What Is Mamasia and how did it come about?

MamaSia is a Natural Beauty & Wellbeing Business based in the UK. We pride ourselves in using ingredients from our family Lands in Ghana.

I saw a need to educate people on natural ingredients and the natural world around us through Beauty and Wellness. Over the years, we have seen a shift on how people buy beauty and wellbeing products. There has been a realisation towards ethical products and sustainability, this has become more apparent for people.


2: How would you describe The MamaSia Brand?

MamaSia is an experience rather than a Brand, many people have never heard of some of the natural botanicals found in our products range. So, it is an experience from that stand point, not forgetting our customers get to experience how our ingredients are grown on our communal lands to how it is re-purposed by us ( using mostly ancient African handmade techniques). It is delivered to the customer directly.  That is why we say “From our Lands to your Hands”, it is direct from soil to hands.

We also provide other services at MamaSia which include corporate and educational workshops , Beauty Therapy and Wellness Coaching, that’s where the acronym for SIA comes from in MamaSia. To Share, Inspire and Assist.


3: What does health & wellbeing mean to you?

Health and wellbeing means simplicity and understanding of the natural world around us.

We have exploited the natural world from an economical point of view, mainly. For example, we just have to look at how we have collectively polluted our oceans and damaged the eco-system of our natural habitat.

If we truly understood the authentic principle of “give and take”, that’s when we can connect with the needs and the simplicity of the planet.


4: Is wellbeing just another buzzword?

Wellbeing, can be taken out of context like anything that seems to be “on trend” in society. When we view our wellbeing as part of our lifestyle, that’s when we really add meaning to what our ‘wellness’ or ‘wellbeing’ means to us as individuals.


5: What makes The MamaSia products unique?

The uniqueness of MamaSia comes from its processing and the people behind the product. Everything we source comes from our family lands, which is mainly cultivated by the women of Northern Ghana. We pay homage to all the hard working women, on our logo you can find our extended family – it represents the Mother and child, as mothers are typically seen carrying their babies on their backs whilst farming the land.

We also pride ourselves in using ancient manufacturing techniques that have been used in Africa for centuries, making sure the processing is authentic at its core.


6: What’s your favourite MamaSia product?

My favourite product is the Hibiscus oil. It’s a wonderful oil for the skin and hair, it’s even great to know that nature provided the real formula for Botox! Due to the fact that it plumps up the skin (face) and has omega 3,6 &9 as part of its beneficial properties.


7: Where did your love for beauty and wellness come from?

I partially grew up in Ghana and as a child I was always very inquisitive about the natural world around me. I would constantly ask questions and loved helping out in the forest. I loved the sense of the community sprit, everyone from the children to grandparents would attend the farm and amongst the hard work with laughter we would collectively serve our environment and be provided with resources that helped sustain the town.


8: What are the most common mistakes people make with skincare and wellness products?

Firstly, over complicating their beauty and wellness routine by using too many things. Secondly, using products with potentially harmful ingredients or not undertaking enough research about the products they are using, so their knowledge is limited.


9: Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source most of our ingredients from our family lands in Northern Ghana, such as Shea Butter, Baobab and Moringa.


10: What is the MamaSia vision and what are your next steps for 2021?

Our vision for MamaSia is to keep growing, expanding our team here in the UK and product line by using the exotic ingredients from our family lands. Most importantly, to continue to help our community become more sustainably independent.




                                                     Maame was featured in The Do-Gooders this year.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Read more here 





                                                       We were featured in Glamour UK as part of the



           “35 brilliant black-owned beauty brands to support this Christmas season and

                                                               forever” .



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