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Step into Autumn armed and ready with ‘The Rule of 5’


Autumn has arrived. It’s officially time to say goodbye to our much-loved summer months, squeezing in those last few days of sunshine. MamaSia’s Rule of 5 will get your skin and body prepped for the winter times ahead [we don’t want to put a downer on the mood but preparation is key].

These 5 simple steps do not have to be difficult and there is no need to break the bank. Tweaking your lifestyle habits in small measures will get you ready when winter hits before you know it. Follow our rule of five to help you along the way.


1  Use an SPF

Many of us think as we don’t see the sun anymore there is no need to protect our skin. Avoid this mistake. UV rays can still penetrate through cloud and glass, these exist all year round. Use one underneath your make up or find a foundation that may already have one.  Our moringa oil works best for sun exposure*.  If you want to avoid fine lines and help skin age more slowly, use an SPF everyday.


2 Moisturise both skin and body.

We would say restoring that moisture that may have been lost during the summer months. If your skin is dry it is telling you something. Your body has a voice too! Why not add a few drops of baobab oil to your body butters or lotion. Oils lock in moisture and mimic the skin. This means you don’t lose your natural skin hydration.

Your skin on your face may be a little oily, but this is perfectly normal due to sweat and your glands. The air will be cooler meaning your skin will lose its glow due to dryness. Avoid this by moisturising from head to toe like a pro.


3 Switch the salads to vegetables

Raw cold foods create dampness in the body. Simple but true. Now is the time to get those veggies in pronto. If you are a smoothie fan, this does not mean you cannot have them but vegetables are now your team mate


4 Soups 

Start cooking. Soups not only are wholesome but the fastest way to consume your 5 a day. Keeping you hydrated and full of wonderful nutrients. We recommend one teaspoon of moringa powder to add in your soup for an extra boost of nutrients. Be it a broth, stew or vegetable soup.


5 Support your immune system through supplements + Vitamins

Prep the body.  We know its early but fail to plan and plan to fail. Start taking your supplements now to prevent illness those winter months. The most important are Vitamin A, D, E and K. You can easily do this with our Baobab powder high in vitamin C and Purple Sea Moss which provides 92 minerals of the 102 minerals needed for optimum


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*only contains a mild element, for sun exposure we recommend a stronger SPF

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