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Beauty From Around the World

Congolese Fruit Soap

Our Congolese cousins always utilise their foods to beautify their bodies, similar to all the people across the continent.

The women of Congo salvage the peelings of banana and papaya, and re-purpose it into an aromatic soap. The two main ingredient’s used is banana, which is used to invigorate and relax tired skin, which is then mixed with softening elements of papaya.

Fruit soap recipe


  • Organic banana peelings,
  • Papaya peelings,
  • Baobab oil.

Dry the peelings, if possible in the sun. Crush them into a powder and boil with water, when the water evaporates, you will be left with a ‘syrupy black paste’ which should be rinsed with clean water, after this add the Baobab oil. You should be left with a paste that can be applied to a wash cloth and used in place of soap and then rinsed off with water. This can be done every week or as when needed, enjoy smelling like the tropics ………Mmmmmmm.

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