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Your Wellness is a priority

Let nature have it’s way

Summer is officially here, even though it isn’t quite official! None the less we are still grateful for what nature has bestowed upon us, we so needed some sunshine to brighten up the atmosphere and reminds us of how beautiful and bestowing nature is when it has a chance to bloom.

Spread love

There has been a lot of negative energy lately and on that note we just wanted to highlight the recent events by saying that we just need to be kind to one another and spread love so that we can have more peace amongst ourselves and on the planet. As a brand focused on natural products and ingredients, we always let nature guide us and show us the way, because nature is the epitome of beauty and wellness and these are themes that MamaSia lives by and stands for.

Important Notice about COVID-19

As lockdown eases, we would like you to be aware that we are doing all we can to ensure our staff in the UK are safe, as well as our family communities in West Africa.
As we all come to grips with what’s happening globally, we would like to reassure you that we are taking extra care to make sure your hygiene and wellbeing needs are at the forefront of our minds, as always.

Your Wellness is a priority

Being a wellness brand, we always want to make sure that we are delivering safe and factual information that can help you improve your health and state of mind. With that in mind please keep an eye on the socials during Wellness Week: 22nd – 28th June – where we will be giving you some tips and updates on how to improve your wellness and lifestyle in the process.

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