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Your Health is Your Wealth

As a wellness brand, we are always committed to making sure that we help you to find balance. Spending more time at home and now thinking about transitioning back to work, we must remember to be gentle on ourselves as we adapt to change.

This week is Mental Health Week, and so we wanted to give a few tips to help your mental wellbeing at this time. Mental Health Week 18th-24th May 2020

Connect Socially:  Just because we are now learning a new concept of social distancing, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t connect. There are so many digital apps that have given us the capabilities to engage from a distance. Apps such as Zoom, WhatsApp and of course Facebook are just a few places that we can engage and stay connected. Ultimately we need to keep the lines of communication going so that we have interaction with people in some way to improve our mental stimulation, and if none the above appeal to you, a good old fashioned phone call will do.

If you are at home with family switch the T.V. off and play a game with your loved ones and be fully engaged in the activity that you are participating in.

Be Physically Active: Yes that’s right stretch those limbs and engage that core! Get up and do some physical exercise. Whether it be using your own body strength to work out, doing a spot of yoga or pilates or simply going for a jog in your local park, can be enough to make you feel good.

It has been scientifically proven that physical activities alleviates stress and releases endorphins, yes those happy hormones J

Learn a New Skill: Learning is a great way to stimulate the mind and preoccupy it whilst at home or if you’ve been furloughed. Not only can you pick up something new, it can enable you to build a sense of purpose, connect with others and boost your self esteem too.

Be Present: Some call it mindfulness. It can help you focus more, as your attention is fully engaged on whatever it is that you are committed to in that moment. This enables you to have more appreciation and be more aware of your thoughts and feelings, as well as the world around you.


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