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Mama Knows Best

Meet Oyella Odong, a Journalist and founder of Go Bare, a children’s charity, and now a MamaSia fan! She has written a blog post which we would like to share with you.

MamaSia Beauty is like having a product filled with motherly love

I have always been someone that has been very attentive of their wellbeing. During this testing time, when we are in isolation, taking care of ourselves internally has never been so invaluable and vital. Due to all these reasons, it naturally led me to invest in my wellbeing by spending £25.00 on the “Wellbeing pack” from MamaSia Beauty.

The Beauty & Wellness Company was established in 2012, by Co-Founders Maame and Sam.

Their objective was to create authentic, wellbeing and beauty products, by focusing on internal health and general wellbeing.

The company values are to “Share, Inspire and Assist” (Sia). Commercial Director Rhian says: “We decided to create products with our own wellness in mind, knowing that others were in need of the same nutrients and benefits that our botanicals naturally had. We found that people were saying they were lacking this and lacking that. So we decided to put together four key products that were tailored to people’s needs through the wellbeing pack”.

Within 3 days, I had received the Wellbeing Pack. The product came carefully wrapped in a beautiful clean sachet. Unwrapping it; almost instantly, the tear was welcomed by a fresh woody scent, before it was accompanied by a sweet hint of fragrance which came directly from MamaSia’s products. The authenticity and love were very prominent; a sense of African tradition, mixed with British aesthetic.

The four products are Baobab Powder, Moringa seeds, Moringa Powder and Hibiscus Powder Collectively they are high in vitamin C, have over 80 nutritional benefits and 90 useful minerals for your body, hair and skin. Rhian says “We have had great feedback from people; many have been saying that they are feeling really strong and productive because of the multi-nutrition of the four products”.

Within moments, I decided to try Baobab. This is subtle pink in colouring, where a tablespoon can be added in either your porridge or drank as a hot drink just by adding hot water. After sipping and enjoying the sweet taste of Baobab, within less than an hour, I felt my gut aligning and generally re-balancing. 2.5 days later, my stomach was less bloated, and I generally felt lighter in the gut, balanced, more energised and focused with work.

I have also tried adding the Moringa Powder in my home food. In the past, I have avoided using supplement food, but as MamaSia is natural and filled with goodness – I decided to break that rule! Additionally, MamaSia feels a lot like having a product filled with motherly love too.

The great things about the products are you can use them every day and in pretty much anything. Why not try the wellbeing pack and find a creative way of being healthy?

To find out more about Oyella’s work and how she impacts children in Africa visit her social media page at: @its_oyella

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