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Meet Sister Sheitu

We are officially in the third month of the year and gaining momentum towards cherished spring. So we are looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces as we start preparing for event season, watch this space for our upcoming events.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is the day where we celebrate all women around the world and of course at MamaSia that defiantly applies to us with our workforce spanning across 2 continents. So we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know us a little more personally.

For us international Women’s day means acknowledging and highlighting the amazing women that work within MamaSia and sharing with you the efforts and passions of the women behind the brand, from the women who grow and process the Shea, right down to us that receive the raw materials and convert them into beauty and wellbeing goods, here in the UK. We couldn’t do it without our female family members across the waters, in Larabanga, Ghana, so we wanted to give you a first-hand account of a day in the life of one of our own. We will also be adding a new section to our newsletter where will be sharing Shea Secrets and informing you about things that you may not be aware of about our beloved Shea.

Meet Sister Sheitu

She is one of the leading figures in our shea butter process, like most of the women on our land she has lived and worked with Shea all of her life. After speaking with her recently she was curious about how we lived and was equally surprised when we enquired about a day in the life of Sheitu.

Sheitu please tell everyone in our community about how your time is spent in a day?

My daily activities start at 4:30am. I wake up to pray and after prayers, I clean (sweep) my environment and then set off to the riverside to fetch water for the family. After that, I then bath my children, get them dressed for school and give them breakfast and then wave goodbye at 7:15am.

My working day starts early, between 7:30am to 8:00am when we start the processing of Shea butter till 1pm

I take a break for prayers and lunch and come back at 2pm and finish processing Shea Butter for the day.

After walking a short distance home at around 4:30pm, I prepare supper for the family, I clean up and rest and then eat and socialise with the family around 7pm, which brings my daily activities to an end.

When I am not processing Shea Butter, I go to fields and farm other ingredients, which get sold at the local market. Some produce found on our communal lands include, Mangos, Neem oil/ seeds, Yams, Baobab, Moringa, Cassava, Tomatoes, onions herbs and spices and much more.

How important is Shea Butter to you?

Shea Butter is very important to our community, it helps me take care of my loved ones and family. Even though its preparation is labour intensive, we cannot live without it as it is not just used to moisturise our hair and body, we also use it for local medicines and treatment balms for the families.

What do you do in your spare time?

I sometimes visit friends after work or rest if I am not on the farm helping my neighbours. I love being around my family, these are probably the most happiest moments in my life, I also enjoy playing Oware ( An ancient African sowing game, commonly played by two people at a time ) or watching telenovela soap operas on television ( Latin/Spanish dramas) at the weekend.

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