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The properties of Lavender

As this months draws us to all things love, we are eager to give you all some ideas to give you and your partner (if you have one) something to look forward to this season or simply when the mood takes you.

Lavender has been used for centuries and valued for its delicate scent, coupled with its amazing properties.

Some of lavender‘s benefits include, helping fight acne and blemishes, being a great aid for headaches, a natural remedy for insomnia and some have said it helps reduce painful joints. Oh and let us not forget that it has been scientifically proven that lavender is a natural aphrodisiac, so with that being said what are you waiting for?

Run your bath water, fill it with some rose petals add a few drops of that all-important lavender essential oil and burn a fragrant candle.

You can then get right in by yourself of with that special someone and relax…..

Don’t forget to moisturise after that precious soak, with that all important Shea Amethyst MamaSia’s lavender body and hair butter.

Not only will this practice allow you to unwind peacefully, it may lift your mood and make this a joyous month of love for you and your loved one and to help you on your way were offering you all…..

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Happy loving!

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