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It’s important that we refocus, because the season is changing and we need to prepare our bodies to adjust. How can we do this, I hear you ask…

Well, we can start by refocusing on how much sleep we get and way in which we sleep, as this is not only important for your wellbeing but also for your beauty goals.

Whilst sleeping, we all naturally move a around a good few times, until our body settles.  Some of the major factors determining what will provide you with a good or bad night’s sleep could be a few factors that we take for granted, such as how comfortable our beds and pillows are, as well as the position we choose to lie-in.

When sleeping on your Front: Make sure this position provides you with some extra support; you may need extra pillows to achieve this. Sleeping on your stomach can exaggerate the curve of your back a soft pillow can provide support your stomach, whilst sleeping in this position.

When sleeping on Your Back: Try not to do this with straight legs, as this can be detrimental in the long run. Sleeping like this can cause the lower back to arch and as a result, gives it no support.

If you do sleep on your back¸ bend your knees over a pillow to take the strain of the spine, check that your lower back is touching the mattress too.

Sleeping on your Side: This Position gives you the best possible support! In order to maximise this position’s benefits, you should make sure your upper legs are higher than your lower legs, so that the hips can relax. If you tend to roll over  (like most of us!) in your sleep stack pillows in front and behind you to maintain the position.

How do you choose the perfect pillow:  In all honesty that choice is based on how you decide to sleep, however as a general rule you will need the following:

  • A firm pillow if you tend to sleep on your side.
  • A medium-firm pillow if you sleep on you back
  • A soft pillow if you sleep on your stomach.

Supporting you head: Your head accounts for around 20% of your body weight, so you will need to make sure that it is well supported with a pillow. The key thing to remember is that whatever your preferred position is, your pillow should support your head and neck keeping them in line with your spine.

The Perfect Mattress:  A soft mattress can be difficult for most when they begin to move around in their sleep, if you stay in the same position for too long some ligaments may be stretched and lose their ability to support your spine, so the firmer the mattress the better support for your whole  body. A good mattress should mould to your body, so that when you lie on your side your spine remains horizontal.  For those with partners it may be best to choose that mattress of choice together, especially if there is a major weight and height difference.

Protecting the Spine: If you are a person that tends to suffer from neck and shoulder pain, there are special pillows that can give you support. As an extra special treat for your aching muscles, you could have a quick shoulder and neck massage before bed with our Moringa oil, which has healing benefits that help aching muscles and their capabilities to relax and it also reduces symptoms of insomnia, if any of you have trouble sleeping.

We hope that the autumnal season brings you a better night’s sleep. Sweet Dreams J

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