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Relax and Unwind

There are various ways in which we can all prepare and protect ourselves during the colder seasons, such as wrapping up or eating more comfort and warm foods such as stews and soups, however there are other relaxing activities that we can indulge in too.

As the days get shorter and we settle into the autumn period, it’s only natural for us to retreat to a cosy atmosphere for comfort.

This has been called “cocooning”, whereby we relax and unwind in the cosiness of our home or somewhere we consider relaxing.

The name of this practice derives from nature: caterpillars put themselves in protective cocoons, inside which they transform into beautiful butterflies. Given the stress of everyday life, it is no wonder that we humans sometimes have the need to realign ourselves. With constant demands from our diaries and social media, events and other activities, sometimes it’s just best to be away from the demands. Being offline for a few hours or rearranging plans for some “me time”, can really help restore your energy levels in peace, giving your body and mind time to recuperate – this can be done the in the most relaxing places in your house or if you get the chance, a nice spa trip should do it!

Indulge in your coziness

To create the mood use, cushions, blankets and a comfy sofa they can be the simplest items used to create a relaxing atmosphere. Reading is also a great way to switch off. Or if candlelight is more your thing aromatherapy is also a great way to relax and switch off during the autumn period. Oils such as Lavender are useful not only for healing, but also to calm the mind and help you to sink into a blissful state.

It’s bath time

The epitome of wellness at home, is your own bathtub as one of the best ways to relax is in warm water. This is the perfect place to add the lavender essential oil and centre you. For added comfort roll a towel underneath your neck and enjoy for a minimum of 20 minutes. Afterwards not only will we be relaxed, our skin is also ideally prepared for indulging in some MamaSia Shea Butter!

Regenerate that skin!

As we age, our natural regeneration time increases, our skin needs more care to shine like a beautiful butterfly again. Its supportive tissue, which is composed of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin, needs to be intensively cared for all the time, we believe

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