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Mamasia’s 10 beauty resolutions for 2019

Ten sensible and easily implemented intentions that will make you look even more beautiful, radiant and healthy in 2019 in a very natural way.

If something does us good, then we should do it more often. But unfortunately it often stays as a good intention – without action, as habits that have crept into our everyday lives for a long time can be quite difficult to shake. Change can be a good thing, when you incorporate tools and structures derived from nature. Therefore we have ten effective beauty resolutions that will really help to improve the daily routine.

Our beauty resolutions 2019:

1. Always remove make-up before sleeping

Be consistent in the New Year, because make-up or cream residues mixed with sweat and dirt prevent our skin from spending the night on effective cell renewal. The result: a dull and unclean complexion. Not to mention unpleasant panda eyes when looking in the mirror in the morning. In January, treat yourself to our gentle exfoliating black soap which you can place prominently on the washbasin. Then nothing stands in the way of the new evening ritual.

2. Protect the skin from the sun

Not just on the beach and in midsummer, when the sun is at its peak, but also during the spring walk and winter sports. Whether it’s warm or cold, UVA and UVB rays always have an effect on our skin and ensure premature aging of the skin, if exposed to them too often and for too long unprotected. Creaming is therefore a top priority in every season – and also an effective anti-aging measure. As you have heard us say before shea butter is a natural sun block so take heed – your skin will thank you in a few years

3. Maintain your feet more intensively

Hands and décolleté occasionally get a bit of body lotion – on the other hand, the feet are usually completely dry. If you can relate then make this a priority. One must be prepared because in the summer neglected body parts move into the inflexible field of vision. Therefore we should reward our daily hard-working feet with a 1footbath, pumice stone and regular moisturizer now and then they will be silky smooth again.

4. Visit the dermatologist from time to time

The skin is the largest organ but is often neglected or not taken as seriously, but of course there are many skin conditions that can be easily dealt with and some that can go undetected. The screening of the dermatologist, in which the whole body is examined for suspicious pigment changes is not just a beauty measure – but important for our skin and our health! It is worthwhile in any case: If the doctor finds something, the chances of recovery with early recognition are excellent.

5. Drink more water

This is the most important rule in terms of hydration for your body and skin. Overall, we should take at least one and a half litres of fluid per day. But just half a litre of pure water helps to improve the blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism. This in turn gives a visibly fresher complexion. If you don’t like drinking pure water add a herbal tea bag or why not try some of our Moringa and Baobab teas to get some wonderful extra benefits too.

6. Healthier nutrition

Bad eating habits are detrimental in the long run. Too much fast food is noticeable on both the hips and facial skin. A varied high alkaline diet with lots of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and pulses can keep you balanced and healthy providing you with more energy throughout the day

7. Smile more

Happily, smiling not only enhances our charisma, it really is very attractive. It relaxes our facial muscles and slows down the aging process, so take part in a great anti-aging practice and smile – several times a day and have less wrinkles! There are plenty of occasions – the nice bus driver, the friendly colleague or your own reflection.

8. Get more sleep

We do not need 100 years to look fresh and radiant like sleeping Beauty. But it should be 7-8 hours per night. Anyone who sleeps too little on a long-term basis is not only less resilient and more likely to gain weight – they also do not allow their skin the necessary time for repair processes and overnight cell renewal. The result: a low mood and tired, pasty skin.

9. Clean the makeup utensils regularly

Hand on heart: When did you last clean the cosmetic brush? Hmmmm… so you’re offering bacteria, old skin fat and make-up remains a cosy home to multiply. So you must clean the beauty paraphernalia regularly, at least once a month. A little warm water, black soap shower gel or a special brush cleaner – is quick and effective.

10. Do more exercise

…and not just to lose weight! Physical activity release happiness hormones in our body and thus provide for a better body feeling. Even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, a little exercise is better than no exercise. If anything the pleasant feeling after a power walk is another reason to smile.

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