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Hibiscus the “Botox Plant” in a bottle

The MamaSia team are delighted that you are all enjoying all your Hibiscus Oil, so we decided to give you more information.

Where does our beautiful Hibiscus oil come from?

It is extracted from the Hibiscus flower, and has its Latin name Rosa-Sinensis and is part of the botanical family Malvaceae, which grows in the warm tropical regions all over the world, including our family lands in West Africa.

Why is it Hibiscus called the “Botox Plant” in a bottle?

This extraordinary oil has a unique composition, rich in an unmatched wealth of antioxidant molecules known as anthocyanocides and so offers exceptional protection against free radicals which accelerate the aging process of the skin. Hibiscus oil is one of the best plants to provide anti-aging benefits, as it increases skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youthful glow and combats the ageing process by firming and lifting your skin and preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the exceptional properties of Hibiscus oil?

Its rich in vitamin E and very high in essential fatty acids, it soaks into the skin without leaving a greasy feel and so is great at controlling oily skin. Suitable for all skin types. Hibiscus oil also helps the skin maintain hydration and helps make skin reactive and more resistant. Hibiscus oil also stimulates the increase of keratinocytes and this facilitates the repair of the skin as well as evening out the skin tone and getting rid of aging spots and dark areas on the skin. For hair it is intensely moisturising, it encourages hair growth delays premature greying and when used as a shampoo can provide softer, silkier, shinier hair. The question should be, is there anything this plant can’t do?

How do you use and store our Hibiscus oil?

Use hibiscus oil as part of your daily routine for face, body and hair. Use neat or apply to your existing products to enhance them. The oil can last for up to 6 months and should be stored in a cool dry place.

Food for thought

So not only is the Hibiscus flower beautiful to look at and it has plethora amazing benefits when it is extracted as an oil, did you know that its petals can be drunk as a tea or as a cold drink too? Some of you may know the hibiscus flowers as sorrel, so it’s added benefits are also having a great taste and a lovely smell. What a wonderful plant!!!

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