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Natural vs Synthetic cosmetics

Generally, natural cosmetics contain mainly natural and controlled organic ingredients. Synthetic fragrances and dyes, silicones, raw materials from dead animals and all substances from petroleum produce should not be a part of the production process.

One thing is for sure; natural products do not work in the same way as conventional cosmetics, but are just as efficient.

Natural products stimulate the skin’s self-healing powers and support its natural functions. Nature provides us with these vegetable and mineral renewable resources for our beauty and well-being.

No wonder why natural products have seen a rise in usage! Its impact has been known for centuries and now in modern times it has the scientific theory to confirm the benefits,

The active ingredient power of plant juices, oils and extracts can naturally nourish, protect, tone and moisturize the skin.

So what is the big deal about chemically enhanced beauty products? What is certain is that many synthetic cosmetics are more damaging to the skin and health in the long term.

Parabens (hormone-like chemical structures, used as a preservative), paraffins (waste product of the oil industry, clog the pores) and silicones (poorly degradable polymers, fixation, which can be found in most hair sprays and shampoo and other beauty products) are cheap ingredients used in production, that can influence the hormone levels from a certain concentration and favour various illnesses including cancer and other harmful ailments, as well as damaging the environment too.

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