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As you know at Mama-Sia we believe in giving you and your customers the best choices when it comes to sourcing Shea Butter so we have joined forces from far and wide, in and around West Africa to bring you the best in what the Shea butter industry has to offer.
Sourced from our own family farms in Ghana and Mali and teaming up with our neighbouring cousins in Senegal we have collectively sourced the finest ingredients for your beauty or therapeutic needs.
We offer various Shea butters in bulk sizes from the following countries.


Ghana's Shea butter is one of the finest and one of the most common Shea Butters used and sourced for products and general use.
The country's Greenland generally produces two types of butter, the grey / whitish in colour which has been deemed more superior and high in minerals and an excellent moisturiser, useful for various conditions ranging from hydrating the skin, moisturising, and hair food or as a conditioner treating acne and eczema and many more.
The other common Shea butter used in Ghana is the yellow Shea butter great for hair pomades and conditioning as well as a combining agent to other creams or other beauty products.


Senegalese Shea butter is also of the A grade family and shares the same properties as the Ghanaian A grade Shea Butter. It has long been used for centuries to heal wounds and can be used for cooking.
Many people from Senegal use the Shea butter for their own traditional medicines as well as part of their own personal beauty regime.








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