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Based in the UK Mamasia supplies and produces natural skin care beauty and well-being products, from their family owned farms in Ghana and Senegal. Our objective is to “share, inspire and assist” Our aim is to always use natural products whenever sourcing or producing our final produce by using traditional methods of manufacturing which is predominantly prepared by hand. Mamasia’s philosophy is to have firm foundations in traditional methods of beauty and wellbeing principles, whilst focusing on community relationships and development.  Most of the products sourced are farmed by the women from our own families so it is a natural instinct for us to emphasise on women’s development. Their product line includes: Shea Butter, Black soap, Moringa, Coco Butter and much more.

Latest Products

Hibiscus oil (30ml)

Sourced from our family lands in Senegal, our hisbiscus ...


Desert Date Oil (30ml)

Our Desert Date is sourced from our communal land in North ...


Raw Coco Butter

Our Coco Butter is 100% RAW it contains nothing but natures ...


Moringa Powder

Our Moringa is grown on our family farm in Senegal ...


Top ten Products

Baobab Seed Oil (30ml)

Baobab is excellent oil for the entire body including the ...


Black Soap

Made from our very own farmed plantain, (husk- ash) Shea ...


Shea Hair Food

Our hair food has been exclusively designed to combat, ...


Shea Amethyst

Made from our very owned farms in west Africa- our 100% ...


Shea Jewel

Made from our very owned farms in West Africa- our 100% ...