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Natural Herbal remedies to treating colds

Foods packed with Vitamin C will fight coughs, sneezes and sniffles.

Sometimes going back to nature is the best remedy Utilise natural healing qualities of fres for combating colds. And we all know that prevention is better than cure! A healthy diet all year round is a start.

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Shea Butter Featured

Wonder what all the fuss is about? What is in this Shea Butter? Well in a way it is through Nature’s loving hands that takes over 30 years for the Karite tree to bear ripened nuts/fruits. The Shea Butter is the oil and the offspring from these wonderful wise trees.

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Heart disease and high blood pressure

Heart disease and high blood pressure are thought of as a middle-aged man's disease. However, their occurrence is increasing rapidly among younger women as well.

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Facial Mask

If you are really pushed for time to make a face mask just use pure honey, which is good for all skin types. After cleansing as normal, smear honey on your face and leave for about 15 minutes. This will thoroughly cleanse and soften your skin as well as tackling any potential blemishes due to the honey's antibacterial properties.

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Rediscover the ancient wisdom of old wive's tales with remedies to speed up the healing process, such as vinegar in brown paper and cabbage poultices. Accidents, sports injuries and bumps can cause bruising, strains and sprains. 

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Bergamot Oil

Bergamot is valued for its uplifting aroma and stimulating properties, making it a useful addition to your aromatherapy kit. Refreshing bergamot oil is extracted from the almost ripe, yellow-green citrus fruit of the bergamot tree. 

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Black Soap Featured

What is Black Soap

Black Soap, also known as African Black Soap (Anago Soap, Alata Simena,or Ose Dudu), has been used for millenniums mainly for its healing properties. Because of it’s high shea butter content, it easily guards against dehydration and other skin conditions whilst moisturizing skin more than most other soaps.

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What is Shea butter

The Shea nut has been used in many parts of Africa since ancient times.

It has been said, that one of the most recorded Queen’s in history – Nefertiti, was noted for her beauty.This was partly due to her skin and hair, as she was an avid user of Shea butter. The fat extracted from the nuts contains a composition of vitamins and minerals, which have extraordinary restorative powers and nourishment for the skin and hair.

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Shea butter

It can be overwhelming looking for skin care products. This applies especially when it relates to your face. 

Every time you visit a beauty shop, whether it being online or in store, we all know that there will be too much to choose from, so the obvious question becomes, of course: how do you decide on which one to go for?

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There are many causes of insomnia, and not everyone's sleepless nights are caused by the same thing. An overactive mind brought on through too much excitement late in the evening, over ­ exhaustion from a grueling day at work, poor digestion from eating the wrong foods, negative thinking and worry can all prevent us from getting a good night's sleep.

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With an increased resistance of micro-organisms to manufactured antibiotics, there has been a resurgence of interest in antiseptic oils. Most essential oils have natural antiseptic properties because the plants from which there are extracted produce them to protect themselves from invading micro­ organisms.

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