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Our values

Respecting and acknowledging the planet: We have been taught in our land that whenever we take from the planet we must first ask, Second replenish it back in some way or form and thirdly, respect and teach others to maintain and love the way nature intended to love us.
Therefore we aim to help look after our wellbeing directly through contact with nature from wildlife to any botanical herbs and agricultural or environmental elements directly linked to our produce. Community integrity: The Mama-Sia traditions are at the corner stone of community affairs as the mama-Sia organisation is a collective of family owned farms that produce all its own harvest. So it is a natural instinct to continue to be a part of community issues from business, personal and social needs.

Respecting the inner self: We have been taught and believe empowerment isn't just an exterior illustration but more importantly from deep within the individual. Our aim is to uplift and help others express all aspects of their beauty, which is a basic human right.

Facts-Nature's laws: We aim to uphold true laws intended by nature that has been passed down to us through various traditions- meaning we acknowledge that every living being has a basic need to be able to express them selves freely and positively.

Knowing the source: We take pride in the fact that our close knit family connections enables you access to the source, by this we mean you can have unlimited access to the source of produce, from their incubation in the soil, by us to them being prepped by us and then packaged directly to you. Africa has so much untapped and out-of the ordinary botanical substances that we can offer to you as well as exclusive knowledge on how and why to use these elements for your beauty and wellbeing- so yes finally you get to know the source of your well being








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