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About us

Mama-Sia's philosophy is to have firm foundations in traditional methods of beauty and wellbeing principles, whilst focusing on community relationships and development.

Established in 2012, Based in the UK Mama-Sia supplies and produces natural skin care beauty and well-being products, from their family owned farms in Ghana and Senegal.
Their objective is to "share, inspire and assist"
Our aim is to always use natural products whenever sourcing or producing our final produce by using traditional methods of manufacturing which is predominantly prepared by hand.
Most of the products sourced are farmed by the women from our own families so it is a natural instinct for us to emphasise on women's development.

Our two avenues to trade are through the wholesale channels- where raw materials can be sourced and then further developed by manufactures. Secondly we produce retail products for the consumers that want to experience and advocate natural wellbeing or simply as solution to their individual needs.

  • sourced from families that have centuries of agricultural and well being knowledge
  • by women, family-farmers
  • ingredients indigenous to people sourcing and distributing it .

 Our Mission

  • To create a fun loving environment for all, to empower family ties and respect women that, lead business communities.
  • To help neighbouring communities ( families) realise their business potential by endorsing and encouraging thought lead initiatives through social responsibility.
  • To always work together as a collective or in our case as a family, to ensure that all the world benefits from the natural resources provided from the farmers, producers, distributors and end users.
  • Our products are 100% Natural- We only farm and package the raw ingredients into a jar for you.

Values add:

Knowing the source: We take pride in the fact that our close knit family connections enables you access to the source, by this we mean you can have unlimited access to the source of produce, from their incubation in the soil, by us to them being prepped by us and then packaged directly to you. Africa has so much untapped and out-of the ordinary botanical substances that we can offer to you as well as exclusive knowledge on how and why to use these elements for your beauty and wellbeing- so yes finally you get to know the source of your well being.








Customer Service/ Telephone order: 08454633949
Our Customer Service hours of operation are Monday – Friday,  9 AM – 5 PM.